Offers to meet all your IT housing requirements 

Housing options

We offer a range of housing solutions from colocation to cages, customized storage space and private rooms. NDC data centers are fully equipped to welcome all types of IT infrastructure and even the most innovative with direct liquid or immersion cooling technologies.

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Security and compliance

Our data centers are continuously monitored 24/7 and are designed with cutting-edge security technologies and principles to ensure the highest level of protection and availability.

We guarantee an uptime of 99.982%. Additionally, all of our state-of-the-art data centers are set to obtain ISO 27001, French Health Data Hosting (HDS) and ISO 14001 certification.

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All of our data centers are equipped with meet-me rooms specifically designed to accommodate diverse telecom and cloud service providers.

Hands and eyes services

We provide qualified technicians who are available to perform routine or emergency support on your equipment at our data centers. These technicians are on-site experts ensuring a human presence when tasks require physical intervention or assistance.

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Office spaces

Nation Data Center’s facilities also offer pleasant and harmonious working spaces designed to enhance team well-being. Additionally, private spaces are available for both occasional and year-round purposes, ensuring flexibility to suit your specific needs.

Technology partners and references

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